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Homeowners, You Have Rights!

Mortgage Servicers’ bad business practices regularly harm consumers. Are you a victim of these deceptive and unfair business practices?


Many homeowners get behind on their mortgage payments. This can lead to foreclosure and the loss of your home. In order to prevent foreclosure, many homeowners enter into a loan modification with the mortgage servicer. Mortgage servicers present this as a helpful option that can lower monthly mortgage payments and prevent foreclosure.

Unfortunately, many mortgage servicers are not following the law. Problems can range from aggressive and illegal collections tactics to outright incompetence. Either scenario causes needless harm to homeowners. You can fight back against the illegal business practices of your mortgage servicer.

Homeowners in Illinois Have Rights!

The attorneys at Nick Wooten, LLC represent homeowners who are victims of mortgage loan modification fraud and other mortgage servicer misconduct. If you feel that your mortgage modification was handled improperly, or that your mortgage servicer is mishandling your mortgage loan, then you may have a claim. Contact us to discuss your rights.


Have you entered into a loan modification agreement with your mortgage company?

Are they now denying your loan modification?

Are they still pursuing foreclosure even though you are paying according to the terms of the loan modification?

If so, you may be the victim of loan modification fraud.

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